Water Kefir Starter Kit

Gluten Free|Dairy Free|Low Carb|Vegan|No Sugar|No GMO



The Health Food Emporium Water Kefir Kit is an easy and fun, all in one kit to help you produce your own Water Kefir in the convenience of your home. Water Kefir is a non-diary, delightfully delicious healthy all-natural fermented probiotic beverage. All the instructions and equipment are included in the Kefir kit. Simply mix water and the kefir grains in the jar provided and start the fermentation process.
Water Kefir is free of lactose and contains a far higher CFU (Colony Forming Unit) count, that assists in seeding your gut with beneficial microbes, aka probiotics (Water kefir has a minimum of 12 beneficial microbe varieties).

Experience all the feel good, belly friendly benefits of water kefir and flavour according to your taste buds. Enjoy your Water kefir either still or sparkling, flavour with fresh fruits or fruit juice.

Water kefir grains can be used over and over again.

Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains
Products are produced in a factory that pack tree nuts, sesame, soya, gluten and dairy.
Store in a cool and dry area and out of direct sunlight.
12 months


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