Third-Party Collection Policy

At The Health Food Emporium, we understand that there are times when our customers may need to arrange for a third party, such as a delivery service or another individual, to collect their order. To facilitate this process while ensuring the security and integrity of the orders, we have implemented the following policy:

  1. Customer Order Confirmation: When collecting an order, the collector must present the email confirming that the order has been processed and is ready for collection.
  2. Advance Notification for Third-Party Collection:
    • Customers must notify The Health Food Emporium at least one day in advance if a third party will be collecting their package.
    • This notification can be made via email or phone call.
  3. Information Required for Third-Party Collection:
    • The customer must provide the name of the person and the service (if applicable) that will be collecting the order.
    • This information ensures we can correctly identify the authorized collector.
  4. Collection by Unauthorized Third Parties:
    • Packages will not be released to any third party who arrives without prior notification and authorization from the customer.
    • In such cases, the package will remain securely at our premises until proper procedures are followed.
  5. Privacy and Security:
    • The Health Food Emporium is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of our customers' information.
    • We will take all necessary steps to ensure that information about third-party collectors is handled securely and confidentially.
  6. Policy Communication:
    • This policy will be clearly communicated on our website and included in the order confirmation and 'ready for collection' notifications.

We thank our customers and their designated collectors for adhering to this policy, which helps us maintain a secure and efficient collection process.