Health Made Easy



What We Do

Our approach is really simple – be kind to your body, look after your environment and make people happy.  Our journey started over 15 years ago with a growing awareness of what we were putting into our bodies and the affects on our environment.

The Health Food Emporium is an online health and wellness convenience store, making purchases easy, affordable and convenient while making every effort to being responsible to the environment. Browse through the vast selection of handpicked health and wellness specialist products and bulk commodities.  Select what you want in the size and pack format you prefer, drop into your your cart and have it conveniently delivered to an address of your choice.

Our Philosophy

Quality, Affordability and Convenience

Our philosophy is to provide quality healthy foods to the individuals and families of South Africa. We understand that healthy food needs to be affordable and so ensure all our prices align with this. We want to ensure that convenience is a front runner in finding the right products for you and getting them delivered as soon as possible.   

World Class Food Safety

Your health is our priority. At The Health Food Emporium our products adhere to the highest levels of international and national, regulatory and non-regulatory food safety standards.  We maintain meticulous records to ensure full trace-ability of all the products available through The Health Food Emporium.

When you truly understand that your food choices are powerful and life affirming, you can exercise control and restraint without deprivation.



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