Not sure how to handle dietary restrictions this Festive Season? We'll tell you how!

The festive season is a time of celebrations, a lot of food and bringing family & friends together. Everyone deserves to partake in the festivities, but sometimes the selections for people who have dietary restrictions are a bit dismal. 

We are here to tell you exactly how you can navigate this time so that everyone can enjoy great food! With these beneficial options, you won't have a negative effect on your system while enjoying fantastic-tasting meals made with truly wholesome ingredients.

The trick to maintaining your healthy habits is to substitute ingredients. You can choose healthier alternatives for most recipes, and we'll tell you what you can use in this blog.

Online or in-store, you can get products for people that are gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, can't consume sugar, are vegan, or just want healthier alternatives to normal ingredients.


Flour alternatives that are gluten-free and better than wheat flour!

Almond Baking Flour
Almond flour is a superb substitute for wheat flour because it is lower in carbs but higher in healthy fats and fibre. It doesn't contain any gluten and has a slightly sweeter taste with a nutty flavour that is wonderful for baking. 

With ample amounts of Vitamin E, this acts as an antioxidant that protects your body's cells from harmful free radicals. Another nutrient that is plentiful in almond flour is Magnesium. Magnesium can improve blood sugar control, reduce insulin resistance, and lower blood pressure. 

These nutritional benefits make using almond flour ideal for people who can't eat gluten, as well as people who have diabetes or anyone simply trying to lower their sugar or carb intake. You can swap wheat flour for almond flour in baking or use it as a breadcrumb for fish, chicken, or beef. 


Coconut Flour
Coconut flour is made by grinding up dried coconut meat. There is no gluten in coconuts, so anyone who can't digest gluten or prefers not to will enjoy this product! It is a nutritional flour that is heaps more beneficial than regular old wheat flour. It has a higher concentration of potassium, iron, protein, and gut-healthy fibre. Including coconut flour in your diet will promote better heart health, smooth digestion, and stable blood sugar levels.

Coconut flour can be used to make a plethora of goodies, savoury and sweet! Coconut flour absorbs more liquid than other varieties, so you can't substitute it as a 1:1. We recommend you follow a recipe with coconut flour or mix it with other types of flour, like Almond flour, to get the desired consistency for the bread, cookies, or muffins you are making! 

Chickpea flour, Pecan flour, Rice flour, Sunflower flour and Tapioca flour are all substitutes for wheat flour, as well as being gluten-free! Each has its own properties with varying tastes, but all of them will be more beneficial than regular flour. Even a mixture of flours with varying compositions and nutrients will be advantageous for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle and fuel their body the right way. 

For your convenience, we stock premixed gluten-free flour that can be substituted on a 1:1 ratio with wheat flour. It does have a higher carb quotient than nut, seed or coconut flour but is a fantastic option for easy gluten-free baking.


Plant-based Dairy Substitutes

Milk can be substituted for a variety of plant-based milk that contains no lactose. Anyone vegan or lactose-intolerant can still have a morning tea or coffee with these dairy alternatives! 

Our alternative milk options can also be used in smoothies and cereals, cooking savoury meals, and baking. 

Rice milk powder and Soya milk powder are powdered forms of milk where you add water to make a milk alternative. These powders are excellent because they will keep fresh for much longer than a liquid, and you can make as much or as little as you want or need. 

We also offer Macadamia milk and Almond milk which are creamy nut milks ready to use and drink. 

All these milk alternatives have enriching nutrients and plant proteins that can aid you in a healthier lifestyle. You can seamlessly incorporate them into your life by swapping out regular milk and replacing it with these. With this many options, you can test and decide which one is your favourite and what works for you.


Watching your sugar intake? 

Sugar is most definitely not good for us, and most people are aware of this. Some people must be extremely careful with what they eat because they need to keep their blood sugar levels stable to live a healthy life. 

A terrific substitute to use instead of sugar is Xylitol. It looks like sugar and tastes similar, but it will not spike your blood sugar levels and has fewer calories. It is a sweetener safe for people with diabetes and anyone not wanting to consume sugar but still wanting to spoil themselves with sweet treats. Xylitol can be used as an easy substitute for sugar in most recipes so you can still enjoy all your favourite indulgences.


Looking for convenient ways to incorporate healthier alternatives? 

Our range of NuMe products is catered towards supplying people with an easy way to enjoy delicious food without compromising a healthy lifestyle. 

If you are strapped for time and in a rush with all the festive errands, these products can make your life so much easier! The NuMe Bread Mix would be a fantastic option for a festive feast as it is gluten-free, low carb and high in protein. Everyone will be able to enjoy this delicious loaf, full of enriching and uplifting nutrients that is so much better for you.

Need a treat for the festivities this holiday season? Look no further than our NuMe Chocolate Muffin Mix and NuMe Chocolate & Pecan Nut Brownie Mix. Both are gluten-free, have no added sugar, are low in carbs and high in fibre & protein. 

Our NuMe products all come in a convenient box with clear instructions on how to make scrumptious spoils for you and your family! I'm sure everyone will be surprised that the food you have made is actually good for you while still being totally delicious. 

Our festive range has a selection of wonderful presents that you can gift or even gift to yourself. We have a Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies Jar that comes in a lovely jar with adorable cookie cutters. We also have a Gluten-Free Christmas Cake Jar that includes a beautiful whisk. With various options, you will be spoiled for choice! 

Make any of these tasty foods for a delicious addition to your festive feast. Anyone with dietary restrictions can be included and enjoy the amazing food. Whether you are hosting or bringing something to Christmas lunch, you have gluten-free and sugar-free options!


Choose alternatives and feel the difference. 

You don't have to stick to what you know, there are options for anyone with any dietary restriction! You can still have a fantastic festive feast by using products that have a healthier nutritional value and won't have any negative effects on your body.

Make that cake, have those brownies, and enjoy yourself without the guilt of knowing that what you are consuming isn't good for you. With the use of all the products mentioned, you can mix, play, and discover a whole new world of sustenance.

We bet even the toughest food critic in your family or friend circle will be blown away by how tasty food made with healthy ingredients can be. Try it out today and see for yourself!

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If you are still unsure about how to incorporate healthy alternatives, it would be our pleasure to help by suggesting the best choices for your specific dietary requirements. You can chat with us via social media or visit in-store to get expert advice. We would love to have our knowledgeable staff connect with you and answer any questions you may have.